The Next Wave From TIDE

The Next Wave From TIDE

The in-person conference experience is on hold, but TIDE conversations will continue online starting in May.
Technology. Innovation. Design. Experience.

Technology. Innovation. Design. Experience.

TIDE is where technology and creativity meet and is the perfect place to find ideas and inspiration. 


  • In this episode of the TIDE® Generator podcast we consider two areas consistently at the forefront of engagement: museums and events.
  • Experience is not just about our brains. We experience things with our whole bodies. Physical computing allows us to address each part of the human experience.
  • The virtual show, coming to a screen near you this June 16-18,  will present sessions on how to integrate content, space, and AV tech with topics like designing contact-free building experiences, how ...
  • How Might We Support Human Connection in Virtual Places?

    Friday, May 15, 2020 by Rachel Bradshaw
    In April, AVIXA convened its first virtual Cohort Lab to explore why humans are so driven to gather in person, and how we can leverage technology to respond to those needs. At the end of the session, ...
  • Introducing TIDE® Generator from AVIXA®, a biweekly series of conversations on the built environment hosted by Kirsten Nelson.  
  • Audio Branding Helps to Define the New Virtual Era

    Friday, April 17, 2020 by Kirsten Nelson
    As podcasts and audiobooks grow in popularity, and as voice control moves from home-based digital assistants into “smart earphones”, audio is moving to the fore. the temporary elimination of physical ...
  • Need a break from your screen? We asked TIDE speakers to tell us the top podcasts that inspire them to create, design, think, and wonder.
  • Make Your Virtual Event More Than Just Another Video Meeting

    Friday, April 17, 2020 by Kirsten Nelson
    Now that we watch our entire lives on screens, constantly flipping back and forth between emails, news, and social media, it’s going to take something pretty special to make us tune in for longer-form ...