• 11 JUNE 2019             CO-LOCATED WITH INFOCOMM 2019 | ORLANDO

TIDE explores the merger of creativity and technology to design exceptional experiences.

Join us in Orlando on June 11 where we'll bring together innovators from design, architecture, technology, live events, and art to discuss the dynamic results and incredible experiences that experiential design plays in business.



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  • Immersive Masterpieces

    by Margot Douaihy
    Imagine peering into the vent of a volcano or floating through the neon wisps of the Perseids meteor shower. With virtual reality (VR), it’s all possible. VR offers the power to experience different w ...
  • Not a dry eye remained in an audience of more than 20,000 at the University of Virginia (UVA)’s  Bicentennial Launch Celebration in 2017.
  • The emergence of truly immersive tech is no longer a novel concept—it’s here. These are some of the technologies that are reshaping the way we learn, work, and communicate.

    Photo credit: Tim Herman/Intel Corporation


  • “I love that you put this on. It was why I attended. You've laid a great foundation for success for future conferences.”
  • “VR from Emblematic and NASA was amazing. The live demo was a unique experience. Continue to present topics in this emerging field!”
  • “The breakout sessions were great.”
  • “Best part - great programming”
  • What an industry parallel! @Pixar is great story teller first and animator second. Lesson for #avtweeps #TIDEConference #truth
    Jeff Day @jdaybwt