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  • Pioneers of the Impossible

    by Margot Douaihy

    TIDE keynote speakers Miral Kotb & Srinivas Rao tap the power of misfits & out-of-the-box thinking to unlock new opportunities.

  • The Los Angeles Public Library’s new Digital Commons boasts a 28-foot-wide high-definition, direct view LED screen in a first-floor atrium, greeting visitors with a compelling loop of videos that tells the story about the institution and the community.

  • From lobbies of corporate enterprises to halls of museums to façades of buildings, incorporating dynamic digital experiences can be complex undertakings. Experience designers walk us through the process of working with key stakeholders, establishing appropriate audience experiences and creating inspiring designs.

  • People don’t want to know what a brand does, they want to know what it’s about. But what is indeed new and exciting are the ways that storytelling is combining new technological canvases with classically beautiful art forms to connect brands with audiences.

  • Storytelling is one thing. Then there’s storydoing. New York City-based Local Projects integrates physical design and digital media to bring stories to life. This motley mix of interdisciplinary thinkers, coders, and artists is bridging the worlds of experiential and exhibit design.

  • In this infographic, learn three steps AV/IT professionals can take to incrementally improve design processes by centering the needs of users, improving relationships with them along the way.

  • A Transporting Experience

    by Cindy Davis

    Museums may be great places to view art, but today’s cutting-edge digital artists may yearn to have their works displayed in alternative venues, like transportation hubs. New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) Arts & Design’s Digital Arts Program offers such opportunities.

  • Digital, public interactive displays are ubiquitous, from ATMs to touchscreen-enabled taxis, to electronic billboards. As digital displays and interactive software mature, designers are developing mor ...
  • It can be challenging to talk about experience because the word itself is so pervasive in daily life. Unlike a term that has a specific and unchanging meaning, such as, say, “local area network,” we talk about experience contextually, with varying specificity, and with individual biases.
  • The promise of augmented reality is as seemingly unlimited as the technology itself, adding new dimensions to our experience while also breaking down physical barriers to see beyond what was previousl ...
  • Immersive Masterpieces

    by Margot Douaihy
    Imagine peering into the vent of a volcano or floating through the neon wisps of the Perseids meteor shower. With virtual reality (VR), it’s all possible. VR offers the power to experience different w ...
  • Not a dry eye remained in an audience of more than 20,000 at the University of Virginia (UVA)’s  Bicentennial Launch Celebration in 2017.
  • The emergence of truly immersive tech is no longer a novel concept—it’s here. These are some of the technologies that are reshaping the way we learn, work, and communicate.

    Photo credit: Tim Herman/Intel Corporation

  • From a 360-degree immersive screen, to projection mapping, to the little touches that make a difference, a pro-AV team helps transform ideas into a new reality.

  • Mapping your concept and message to create the ultimate immersive experiences.



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