TIDE 2020


1:30 PM
  1. 10 mins
1:40 PM
  1. 20 mins
    A group discovery session about what defined and dazzled us at our first truly memorable interactive media or immersive experience. By looking back to that original moment, and maybe the one that actu ...
2:00 PM
  1. 20 mins
2:20 PM
  1. 40 mins
    A creative visioning panel session led by foremost practitioners in immersive design addresses ideas for what's missing and what is possible in immersive AV experiences. We'll learn about new tools th ...
3:00 PM
  1. 20 mins
3:20 PM
  1. 20 mins
    Renowned creative technologists reveal how the graphic design and fine art worlds are moving visual technology forward in unexpected ways. Examining the arc of how these practitioners transfer graphic ...
3:40 PM
  1. 20 mins
    What is the NEXT level of physical space and how we can develop connected environments that facilitate and foster human interaction? Rethink how they can incorporate technology to stimulate creativity ...
4:00 PM
  1. 20 mins
4:20 PM
  1. 20 mins
    As the digital landmark trend propagates mega-scaled visual display surfaces that morph into wild shapes and architectural features, the content problem is also expanding. How can we create a visual p ...
4:45 PM
  1. 45 mins
    How do we make sense of all of this? What are some answers participants have developed for themselves?