• 11 JUNE 2019             CO-LOCATED WITH INFOCOMM 2019 | ORLANDO
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"Keeping Spaces Fresh with Generative Art"


Corporate environments often spruce up spaces with sculptures, paintings or even digital displays, though even the latter can get stale with daily and even hourly repetition of content. Going with a generative solution for display content can remedy the déjà vu blues and engage both visitors and employees alike...putting more focus on the human experience than flashing brand logos all day. 

chad-hutsonChad Hutson, President of Leviathan, will share the though process and execution that went into designing an intelligent content library for 150 Media Stream, the stunning video canvas of more than 3,000 square feet at 150 North Riverside in Chicago. Using generative algorithms to heighten originality and relevance, the system is programmed to avoid excessive repetition by delivering imagery from commissioned artists on a monthly, weekly, daily and even real-time basis.



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LG is thrilled to have a presence at the TIDE Conference this year. Design and creative direction play such a critical role in the digital signage industry and LG’s full line of innovative digital display products provide designers with entirely new canvases – such as LG’s Open Frame OLED, Direct View LED, Ultra Stretch displays, Transparent LED Film and unique video wall solutions. By sponsoring the TIDE conference, LG can continue to support creative professionals as they continue to revolutionize and elevate the digital signage landscape. We think design will be a big emphasis at this year’s show and we can’t wait to see everyone there!

Visit LG in the InfoComm Exhibit Hall in booth C2546.


The TIDE Conference is an excellent example of how AVIXA is pushing the industry forward. Of course, holding keen insights on technology and new innovations is a must in the AV industry, however, we mustn’t forget that the goal of our solutions is indeed communication. For truly successful integrations, we must consider: what will my content communicate, to whom will it communicate, and where? Your target audience and your goals continually vary vastly. When your ultimate function is communication, what’s the best way to communicate your message? In the most engaging way possible!

We must remember we are designing for humans and TIDE brings this conversation to life. TIDE’s innovators share their insights and perspectives on the human experience as it relates to our work, offering attendees key insights and collaboration with like-minded professionals looking to drive industry growth.

Visit Peerless-AV in the InfoComm Exhibit Hall in booth C2947. 

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